Garrick and I had the blessing of going away for our anniversary over the weekend!  We chose a quiet, adorable Bed and Breakfast in the Amana Colonies!  Our anniversary is not until October 28th, but we took off a little early!  I guess you could say... we REALLY needed it.  

Of course Satan had to wiggle his big ugly nose into our plans, as Garrick wound up very sick last week.  As hopeful as I tried to stay I really began doubting that he was going to be well enough to go and of course, I through myself a big pity party for one night!  

BUT... God is so faithful and Garrick began feeling better Thursday and by Friday afternoon he felt well enough to go, knowing our weekend would be relaxing!

We have truly come to realize how significant celebrating another year of marriage is.... after the journey we have taken.  It's a smack to Satan's face and I love that feeling!!! 

We spent Saturday evening in our cozy room and worked on our devotional!  Once again... God revealed amazing things to us through scriptures we have read a dozen times, at least!  I pray you have had a wonderful experience doing your devotions together! Here is what Garrick and I learned...

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked and not ashamed." Genesis 2:24-25

There is so much more than meets the eye with this scripture.  It clearly states how a man is to leave his father and mother and HOLD FAST to his wife.  Other versions of the Bible may say, cleave onto his wife.  Either version means basically the same thing and that is a man will leave his parents and STICK to his wife. Stick means exactly what you would think stick to mean.... he and his wife are now bonded together and shall not be pulled apart.  

Not with some old Elmers school glue.... no, no, no.... BUT with GORILLA, CEMENTED, SUPER GLUE! There is no breaking this bond. If you try... much damage will be done 

Often times, especially in new marriages, things can get hairy with in laws.  Sometimes the spouse may struggle with letting go of the need to please and listen to their parents, versus their spouse. But God is very clear that a man is to LEAVE his parents and is now stuck to his wife.  Obviously, if the wife is doing something hurtful or sinful, he does not have to support or condone that, however, his wife needs and desires are to come before his parents, hands down.  

A man shall also be willing and able to support his wife and have her back if she ever finds herself in the thralls of conflict with the husband's parents.  Once again, not if the wife is choosing sinful behavior, but he should always be willing to protect her and be an encouragement and a strong leader.  

The husband and wife are now a team.  There is no me or you.... it is ..... us.  You hurt her.... you are hurting him and vise versa.  
The next part was quite a surprise to me!!  I have though forever that "the two become one flesh," was referring to consummating the marriage through sexual union, BUT, that is not the case!!!

What God was referring to here is..... exactly as  mentioned above, they are no longer he/she they are we or us!  

Garrick looked deep into this meaning and found that God is stating that the man and wife are now, literally ONE person.  Though they don't share DNA it is almost as if they do.  God's great intention behind this is there is not literal way for this man and woman to be torn apart.  Even if one of the spouses chooses to leave or divorce, just as you cannot choose not to be blood related to a relative that you may not like, you can never be truly separated from your spouse. There is an unbreakable connection there. 

In God's eyes, when you took those vows, you literally became ONE flesh.  

Garrick drew an amazing parallel to this.  He said, imagine you take a blanket and tear it in two, even if you tried to sew it back together, you would always see the stitch from the damage done.  And if you did not sew it back together, each piece would always be missing the other.  

God never, ever intended for a man and a wife to be torn apart by anything or anybody.  

"What God has joined together, let no man separate." Mark 10:9

In order for this to work the way God intended, both husband and wife have to have a commitment to persevere, no matter what!  That can be very hard when pain, hurt or distrust enter the marriage.  

During our challenging season, no matter how desperately difficult things got, Garrick refused to give up on our marriage. I had the thoughts, and at times the desires to walk away. My desire never came from a lack of love for Garrick, that was ALWAYS buried deep inside, it came from pure exhaustion from the battle and a weary heart that saw no end in site.  

Exhaustion lead to diminished faith....... which lead to devastating thoughts.... which would have lead to catastrophic damage. 

I am grateful and thankful beyond belief for God's intervention in my heart and His ability to renew even the weariest of spirits.... if you just give Him time. 

The last part of this scripture talks about Adam and Eve being naked and not ashamed.  There is quite a bit of significance in this as well.  

In the Garden of Eden, God designed perfection on every level.  There was absolutely no concept of sin or shame and there was a beautiful sense of purity and innocence.  

Just as my two year old feels completely comfortable running through the house buck naked without a care in the world, so were Adam and Eve.  Audree has no concept that her nakedness is to be hidden, she has no shame of her body and feels she has nothing to hide!  All of sudden this will change.  I recall when each of my children suddenly hit an age when they no longer wanted me to help them bathe and they wanted to the door closed and sometimes locked.  They knew their nakedness needed to be hidden.  

When sin entered the world, Adam and Eve became fully aware of good and evil.  Their eyes were opened to the ugliness of the world and immediately, they felt ashamed of their bodies and ran for covering.  

God never intended for a husband and wife to be ashamed of their naked body in front of their spouse.  After all, if you refer to the scripture we just discussed, they are now ONE body, they are to love the other's body... as their own.  

Though, due to sin entering the world, we are to be fully covered when around other individuals, this is not the case for a married couple.  God desires for you to give your body over to your spouse and vise versa. Of course, not be abused or treated negatively, but to be cherished and loved.  

The beautiful plan that God intended for married couples.. can and does still exist.  God desires for each spouse to treasure and care for the other's body.... to protect it... nurture it and never be ashamed of baring it to the other.  

If you have ever given your spouse a reason to feel ashamed of his/her body..... please stop doing so.  This will have devastating effects on both your spouse and your marriage as a whole.  
There should be no safer and comforting place on earth for a person to bare their body but to their spouse.  The one God gave them... to be loved, cherished and protected by.  

Compare your spouses body to no one else.  Do not allow images of other men/women's bodies into your hearts or minds.  Guard your hearts from Satan's evil schemes.  

As an extra little love enhancing assignment this week... read the Song of Solomon with your spouse.  This book is a clear and beautiful depiction of a husband and wife cherishing and treasuring the other's body the way God intended.  It may make you blush at times.... but it is truly the beauty God intended!!

I pray God has revealed much to you through these scriptures and you are able to use them and apply them in your marriage and allow continued transformation to take place.  

God's ways.... are always perfect.... even when... we aren't!!!

Love and Blessings
Your Friends
Missy and Garrick



Marriage combines two persons into one. Your article is with full of emotions and love. This is an experience combined with emotions your couple becomes an example for successful marriage life. Wife and husband relation is like fish and water in the society.


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