Hello Friends!!  If you are here... I AM SO GLAD!  This week's reading is the core reason we see the struggles we see in marriage today.  God had a perfect design when he created the first marital union.  Satan slithered his sly and sleazy body into the mix, Eve and Adam fell for the temptation and from that point on, there was no longer an effortless peace that existed between husband and wife! It was now going to take WORK to make it work!

Take a moment to get your heart right with God after you curse finish cursing Adam and Eve in your mind!! LOL 

So, let us dig into the scripture shall we?

As I am sure most everyone knew or has 
gathered thus far, the serpent was Satan in disguise.  Adam and Eve were made perfectly in God's image.  They knew no evil and had absolutely no sin in their hearts.  Satan in his craftiness came slithering under Eve's nose with the sole purpose of pushing her to sin against God.  Satan knew the outcome.  Satan desired a dark and destructive outcome, however, Eve could not see this with the naked eye.  

Satan had a sly and sneaky tactic to get Eve to sin against God.  The Serpents first step in getting Eve to turn from God was placing the slightest bit of doubt in her mind regarding God's directives by getting her to question what God told her.  "Did God actually say, you shall not eat of any tree in the garden?"  His first goal was to get her to start questioning God.  

After he succeeded in getting Eve to question what God really said, his next tactic was to get her to believe that God was unfair in telling her that she and Adam could not eat from that tree.  Even though God gave them the ENTIRE garden with every other tree to eat from, Satan convinced Eve that was not enough.  So he placed discontentment in her heart.  

Satan also caused Eve to lose her fear and reverence for God as he made her question his directives.  God was adiment that Adam and Eve were not to eat from that one tree.  He told them that they would DIE.  But Satan convinces Eve that God was lying to them and that the only reason God did not want them to eat from that tree was they would then have the same knowledge as God, knowing both good and evil.  Satan had Eve convinced that God was wanting to withhold good things from them and that he was too strict and unloving. She began to question God's goodness.  

Eve then began looking at the ONE tree she was not able to eat from and covet that tree. She had access to EVERY OTHER TREE in the Garden but NO, she wanted that ONE tree, that she was forbidden to have.  Her eyes became lustful and she began being more drawn to the tree by its outward beauty and visual appeal.  Vanity became an issue even with a fruit tree.  

As you can clearly see from this scripture... doubt, discontentment, twisting God's word and coveting all come from Satan.  NOT God.  When these feelings begin creeping up in your heart... it is IMPERATIVE that you squash them immediately... as if you don't the outcome is sure to be negative even catastrophic. 

Why did the Serpent approach Eve rather than Adam?  Hmmmmmmm!!!  This gets deep into God's Biblical design and roles for men and women.  God created men/ husbands to be the head of the wife, the protector the provider.  Satan knew this.  God created woman/ wife to be the helper to her husband, the caretaker, but God was also aware that the woman was the weaker vessel when it came to handling major issues and standing against the fiery darts of temptation.  Satan knew this also.  Women can be very swayed be emotions as well, where as men have an easier time focusing and leaving emotion out of decision making and making decisions based on logic and reason rather than emotion. 

Eve's part in the fall came from her lack of obedience to God's commands and her lack of respect for her husband, Adam.  Adam and Eve were both given the command from God not to eat from that one tree, Eve should have never made such as life altering decision without first consulting her husband.  Eve displaced her role as Adam's helper and chose to usurp his authority and make a rash decision on her own.  
Adam's role was blatant lack or protection and provision for his wife.  It is easy to read this scripture and blame it all on Eve as she was the one tempted and that fell pray to Satan's schemes, however, Adam's job was to protect her from that very thing!  

Adam should have been focused on caring for and protecting his wife.  He needed to be on guard as much as humanly possible and prepared to protect her from any danger that may approach her.  Not only did he neglect to do that, he went along with her in her disobedience to God!  He took the fruit from her hand and ate it as well, rather than taking it and throwing to the ground and telling her no.  

Would the outcome have been different had Adam not chosen to join her in sin?  I guess we will never know, but there is a good chance God may have blessed his obedience, even though Eve had chosen sin.  

Our world has so distorted this God's perfect and beautiful plan.  Feminism killed chivalry.  Women sent out a message that they don't NEED men.  They don't NEED protection.  They can do it ALL on their own.  And yes, if women are forced to do it on their own, God will equip them to do so. however, that was never God's plan.  Men were to be the strong and stable pillars women needed.  

I firmly believe, though this may not be ALL women, that a vast majority of women desire that protection and strength from their husband's.  Women are looking for their earthly hero in their husband.  That may sound like a huge undertaking for the man, BUT, God does not give us a job, He will not equip us to do if we come to Him.  

This is more than likely why men were called to be the spiritual leaders as well.  In order for him to fulfill his biblical role and take on such a difficult task, he would need CONSTANT communion with God in order to receive the strength and wisdom he would need to take on such a task!  If a man neglects God... his wife and family will pay the price.... without a doubt.  

Women have become obstinate to their role of helper to their husband.  A wife's job is to enhance her husbands life, not make it more difficult.  With this new found independence women found in the feminist movement, came a lack of respect and reverence for men.  And there is a very good chance that this also played a huge part in the break down of men's ability and desire to protect and care for their wives.  Women began fighting against the very thing that God designed to bring peace into their marriage.  

Garrick and I have lived our marriage in both realms.  We have had seasons when both of us were fulfilling our biblical roles and the peace and beauty we found there has been unmatched.  

We have also had seasons, very long and painful ones mind you, that we were not fulfilling these roles.  When we left our God given roles as husband and wife to seek after other gods or fall prey to temptation we lost something very beautiful and precious along the way.  It was disastrous to say the least.  

When Garrick fell prey to his addiction... it left me feeling scared, insecure and lonely and with those emotions came negative responses toward him. 

We were meant to be one flesh, we ARE one flesh and when we dropped our roles, I truly believe the pain we felt was the tearing at our flesh to try and separate the ONE flesh back into two.  That constant tugging comes with excruciating pain.  

I pray that these words have spoken to your heart and you are now able to see what God intended for marriage.  

It can be so incredibly beautiful and fulfilling, I promise!!  BUT, God must be the core. Without Him, Satan is in control and the outcome will never be good.  

I pray for all married couples today as well as though preparing to enter marriage.  I pray for BEAUTY, PEACE, and LOVE. 

Men... fall on your knees..... seek God.... protect your wife. Honor her.  Love her.  And as you do this... watch in amazement as the beautiful rose God gave you on your wedding day... blossoms into the most vibrant and stunning flower you have ever laid your eyes on.  

Women.... fall on your knees.... seek God.... respect your husband..... help him... don't hinder him.  And watch God use the love and respect He shows through you..... build your husband up.... to the hero... your heart longs for.  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friends
Missy and Garrick


Megan Scharff
10/26/2016 2:01pm

❤️❤️❤️❤️ This is one of the most beautiful things written about marriage I have ever read!!

10/28/2016 4:36am

Thank you Megan!! We have absolutely LOVED doing these devotions!! Your encouragement is greatly appreciated!!!! Lots of love and blessings your way!!!

03/04/2017 11:29am

The writers description about the marriages is really hats off sayings. What an awesome way to convince the couples to live their life happily. I pray you keep your work going on and post good things which are informative to us.


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