Meaningful, Messy Marriage
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(Learning to Let God Lead….. One Day at a Time)
-A Woman Redeemed
Well.... we have made it through 5 weeks!!!!  I hope and pray that God has spoken to you through these devotions and I pray that you have been able to apply what you have learned to enhance and strengthen your marriage.  We have learned that the struggles and obstacles that we encounter in our marriage were established back in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve sinned.  

Though God intended for husband and wife to living in perfect unity, this was no longer possible once sin entered the world.  We have learned that Adam and Eve were created equally in God's image.  Not one sex was deemed greater than the other, in fact God saw Adam NEEDED a helper and that is why He created Eve  Women were never second class citizens, that was a man made assumption.  We then learned that Adam's job was to protect and provide for his wife. He was to lay down his life for hers if need be.  Adam failed to protect Eve in from evil in the Garden of Eden, therefore, allowing her to make a catastrophic decision.  

Eve on the other hand failed at her given role as a helper to Adam.  Adam was to be the head and lead her spiritually and Eve was to submit to Adam;s leading.  Eve, did not fulfill this role and on her own decided to usurp Adam's authority and went on her own in making a decision with devastating consequences.  Both Adam and Eve failed at their given roles and generations to come will continue to live out the consequences of their sinful behavior.  

We also learned that not only did Adam and Eve fail at God's calling for them, they then tried to avoid accountability, placing responsibility on one another and the serpent.  Though the serpent DID in fact tempt Eve, she had FREE WILL to choose the route she would go and she chose sin.  We always have the choice.  Satan only has the control over us that we allow him to have.  There is no sin that Satan can tempt you to commit that Jesus did not die to free you from.  Your chains are gone... you've been set free.  Sin has no hold on you...... you hold the key to having victory over sin.... with God as your Savior.  

This leads us to our next scripture.  We are going to hop ahead to the book of Ecclesiastes!  This is one of my favorite books of the Bible!!  Solomon, the author of this book, teaches us one of my favorite quotes from scripture.... "All is Vanity."  He zeros in on the fact that anything in life done without the knowledge of Christ.... is pointless.  Outside of God.... our life lacks purpose and meaning.  
This also goes for your marriage.  I will tell you with absolute certainty that it is only with God as our foundation that Garrick and I have always been able to dig through the weeds and rough terrain and find the right path once again.  We have taken waaaaaaay too many detours.... but God is THE BEST tour guide there is.  This week.... read the following scripture and answer the questions that follow!!  Feel free to read more.  This book is full of knowledge!!!!  


1. Why does Solomon state that two are better than one? 

❤Husband’s Response:

❤Wife’s Response:

2. What does Solomon share are the advantages to having two versus one?

❤Husband’s Response:

❤Wife’s Response:

3. Do you feel you and your spouse are stronger together or weaker when together? How does Solomon express it should be?

❤Husband’s Response:

❤Wife’s Response:

4. What does Solomon mean when he states a three cord strand cannot be broken?  Who or what are the three cords and why can't they be broken?

❤Husband’s Response:

❤Wife’s Response:

I absolutely LOVE this scripture and cannot wait to share our thoughts with you on Monday!!!!  Remember to make your time together special..... your marriage is well worth it!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friends
Missy and Garrick



11/24/2016 4:49am

The fact that more and more couples of different faiths and cultures are intermarrying is undeniable. An estimated one third of today's marriages are mixed unions. In the last 13 years, this interfaith minister, having performed over 2000 such ceremonies, now sees a greater acceptance for interfaith, intercultural marriages. However, the navigation between two faiths and cultures still remains no easy feat.

12/20/2016 6:59pm

Marriage is very sacred. You are vowed and blessed to stay together through thick and thin, and even death. Marriage is always about working together and understanding each other. If you are transparent to each other, things will always work just fine and everyone will be happy. Also, learn how to give and forgive and forget. We are people and we commit sins. Nobody is perfect and you know that.


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