Meaningful, Messy Marriage
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(Learning to Let God Lead….. One Day at a Time)
-A Woman Redeemed
I will be the first to admit that it can be very easy for me to slip into a "negative" funk.  Unfortunately, this has always been a bit of my personality.  When something stressful or difficult happens, it is very hard for me to find the silver lining while I am walking through it.  I tend to be a reactor.  I react then I calm down and ponder, allow God to speak and work and then I am able to take it down an notch or 80!! LOL  This kind of runs in my family.  I really don't like this trait, but I have found it to be one of the most difficult to break.  It is a deep rooted stronghold, very much imbedded into my personality.  This is by no means an excuse to keep allowing it to govern me, but it is most difficult to break!

This little struggle of mine has become significantly better since becoming a believer.  Others may not agree, but believe me, I know it has!! LOL  And truly, the biggest issue with the overreacting is it takes God completely out of the equation and puts the circumstances and my catastrophic thinking on His throne.  If I truly believe, which I most certainly do, that God is in control and has purpose for every single thing He does in my life, there is no reason to overreact!!  This is a hard one for me to grasp!  

What I would like to share and focus on today is God's promise in the book of Romans, that I can see playing out right before my very eyes and I will explain to you how!  The other day my husband shared with me that he had a pretty significant talk with are 14 year old son.  I will not share the details of the conversation, but what I will share is my son asked Garrick if he though that maybe God allowed my husband to go through the struggle with addiction just to teach him, never to use drugs or alcohol?  My son told my husband that he has no desire to do such things as he experienced the devastating effects that they had on him and our family.  

That.... was a huge praise to Garrick and I.  Now, I am not at all saying that my son could not fall prey to these destructive substances in the future, but I am extremely grateful that my son learned something valuable and good from a devastatingly horrible situation in our home.  This is a prime example of God's promise to His faithful believers in the book of Romans....

"And we know that in all things God works for good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Today, I am encouraging couples to look over the history of struggles and difficult seasons God has allowed in your marriage and how now, that you are over are approaching being over the hump, how He has faithfully used this for good in some way, shape or form! 

1.  What are some difficult seasons we have walked through that we saw no light or silver lining through at the time?

2. How did these seasons change us for the good?

3. How did these seasons change others for the good?

4. How has God used these seasons for good in miraculous ways we never thought possible?

Through every struggle, God's promise remains for His believing children.  I pray through this devotion you are able to see and discover how very faithful God is!!!  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friends
Missy and Garrick



Jody Body
02/28/2017 11:36pm

It made me happy to visit here :)

03/19/2017 6:07am

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!!!

02/28/2017 11:37pm

thank you

03/19/2017 6:08am

Thank you for stopping by!!!!

03/01/2017 6:25am

Marriage moments are one of the best but different. All the negative thought vanish away and they look forward to enjoying their life. I read your article in which you struggling for lots of the things and you face all the problems well. You made my day.


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