Our focus for this week is focusing on God's promise in Romans 8:28 to work ALL things for good for those that love Him!  There is a very important disclaimer here.... this promise specifically applies to "those that love God," this is not promised to those who do not walk with the Lord.  Those who choose the world and run from God, forgo all of God's beautiful and hope filled promises.  

The other important little tid bit to point out here is what loving God looks like.  Jesus states in John 14:15 "If you love me, you will keep my commandments." Loving God goes way deeper than just a verbal expression of loving Him, loving Him means, though you are not perfect at it, not will you ever be, your heart is focused on living for Christ and upholding His commandments.  


Okay... so back to the marital focus regarding this scripture.  Our goal was to look at all of the seemingly bad and difficult seasons we have had in our marriages and begin identifying all of the ways God used that situation for good, as He promises.  

We can get our minds and hearts so fixed on the negative and struggle that we fail to see what God was using that situation for to our benefit.  He promises to do just that..... if we love. Him.

In yesterday's post I shared just ONE of the ways that God used our recent painful season for good, as our son expressed he believes God allowed him to live through that painful season with his parents to see the devastating effects substance abuse has and to deter him even more from wanting to use drugs or alcohol.  

That is a MAGNIFICENT praise for Garrick and I.  We are not so naive to believe our son could never fall prey to such things, but we are so grateful that out of a horrible season in his life, God used it to teach him something extremely beneficial and life changing!

As I pondered all of our difficult seasons and all of the "good" God made out of them, I compiled a list of the "good."  God has not wasted one painful experience He has given us.  Here is a short list of the beauty we have seen come from ashes.....

1. Teaching our children how strong they are and that even the seemingly hopeless.... can be restored with God.

2. Building our faith in God's restoring and sovereign power!
Author Unknown

3. Teaching us to find contentment even when life is uncomfortable and scary.

4. Learning the God will always provide, even when your hands are empty!

5. Giving us a whole new level of empathy and compassion for others that may travel the same road. 

6. Taking judgement out of our hearts, understanding that not one person in this world is beyond a great fall. And when you walk away from God.... that fall is sure to come!

7. Teaching an entirely new level of forgiveness and what this does in growing our hearts to be more like Christ. 

8. Teaching us the strength God can equip us with.  That we are "warriors" and more than conquerors!

9. Learning to lean on and trust in God, not man, not even our spouse.  God is our everything... when everything falls. 

10.  Learning that God's timing is perfect!  Not always in our eyes, but He has the perfect timing laid out for the perfect purpose.  

What are ways God has used your painful seasons for good????  You would not have the strength you have today.... without the seasons that required you to build it!  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friends
Missy and Garrick



Carol Scott
02/27/2017 7:06am

Great article Missy! God is so faithful!


Your article is filled with the sayings of Jesus. By following the concept of your article we will go into the hands of Jesus. My prayer to the God Jesus is may god bless us with health and happiness.


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