Yesterday, I was extremely lazy and never got around to getting a marriage devotion typed up.  Aside from my obvious slothiness, I was struggling to hear God and any message that He may want me to convey.  

This morning, as I was laying in bed I suddenly had a topic plant in my mind.... "What it's Like to be Married to Me."  I continued to listen, thinking, surely God has something a whole lot more beneficial and interesting for me to share, but I listened to no avail.  

I heard loud and clear.... share your view point of what it is like to be in a non breakable covenantal union with YOU!  Hmmmmm REALLY??  LOL 

Okay.... for You God, I will take on this challenge!  

Part of humbling ourselves enough to make a difference in our marriage is recognizing our flaws and faults.  It is very easy to pin everything on our spouse without doing a full blown self examination.  If both spouses commit to doing this.... it can save you from most arguments and quarrels.  Very often, the little things we find "annoying" or "troublesome" with our spouse, set off something equally or more annoying and troublesome in us.  We have to take a long hard look!

Along with recognizing our faults we must also have a strong grasp on our strengths and positive qualities!  We all DO have some and it is imperative that we bring these to the table in our relationships.  We often want to stuff these, especially if we are angry or frustrated with our spouse.  When their negative qualities rear their ugly head... that does not mean ours have to as well!  Don't stuff them... continue to use them!  A lesson I still have a long way to go in learning!  Trust me!  

So here is what my self examination looks like!  Here is what I believe it is like being married to me....... 

1. I can be moody and easily overwhelmed at times, especially if I am hormonal!  

2. When I am moody, I prefer to be left alone.

3. I love to laugh and I love stupid things to laugh at.  I wish I could belly laugh every day!

4. I am NOT a night person!  Sometimes that night owl comes out, but normally, NOT!  

5. My am very sensitive.  My heart is pretty fragile, especially after the long hard season we just came out of.  This can be a positive in our marriage, but also a big negative.  It is something I continue to work on.  I am at least aware of it!

6. I struggle when other appear "lazy."  It is a struggle for me to sit and rest, therefore, I can be judgey when others want to do this.  Sorry dear. 

7. I LOVE little surprises!  My life is pretty monontonous, like most other peoples, so I love a little something out of the ordinary!

8.  On the contrary....I DON'T LOVE negative surprises!!! LOL I like routine and stability and anything that throws a monkey wrench in that, often throws one in me as well!

9. I love to make our house a home!  I love to decorate and make our home cozy.  I want others to feel welcome and at home in our house and we live pretty much with an open door policy!

10. I like attention and affection, but not always!! LOL  Sometimes I just want to lay like a corpse and be left alone!  I often expect my poor husband to know which mood I am in!  Sorry again dear!

11. I am a bit of a romantic!  I love, love notes, surprises, candles and foot rubs!   

12. I like to keep my house tidy!  Not perfect and I struggle with organization, but I thrive in a tidy home.  When things are a total disaster, I tend to get a bit bent!

13. I love to bake treats for my family and others!  Though I have become more tame in this area as life has gotten busier, I still enjoy it!

14. I get burned out more often than I care to.  I struggle with finding balance in taking time away even when I don't think I need it, to avoid the inevitable burn out that will come if I don't!

15. I cook A LOT!  I do like to cook, but I often get tired of this as well!  I get frustrated with the complaints over the weekly menu, so I allow that to steal some of my joy of cooking!

16. I am NOT a perfectionist and I don't care much about detail! I go for the illusion of perfection.  FYI, I am married to a perfectionist!!  Do you see the struggle????  LOL

17. I don't screw lids on tight enough, sometimes, not at all!

18. When I am burned out, angry, frustrated or miffed, I get quiet.  

19. I worry too much about things I can't control!  Another thing I am really trying to allow God to curtail!

20. I have a forgiving heart.  It may take me time to move past certain things, but my heart is very open to forgiveness.  

21.  I love the Lord, and though may struggle, desire to put Him first in all I do!

22.  I am a dedicated mama, who desires more than anything to love my children and train them to love the Lord!

23.  I am empathetic and very aware of other's feelings. 

24. I am pretty easily entertained!  I am happy snuggling on the couch with a snack and movie!

25. I am not really adventurous or a risk taker!  Safety is key!! LOL

26. Coming out of the season we have been in, I have not been as diligent about this, but over all it is important for my husband to be happy and I want to make him feel glad he married me, every day of his life!

So there you have it!  I am sure there is more my husband could add, but I am out of time and thoughts! LOL  

Do a self assessment!  What is like to be married to you??? Is it a good thing or not so much??

Take heart friend.... God can CHANGE anything!!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


04/10/2017 11:20am

You seem like a fun person to be with. Your husband is really lucky to have you. Your story inspired me to show my pure love and affection to my partner. We are both Christians and we dedicate our lives to serving God. Even though we clearly love each other, we always put God first, above all else.


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