There are a lot of things worth celebrating in life! 

We celebrate weddings, new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and so many other wonderful events...... but this week..... Garrick and I will celebrate something extremely precious to us.....

Not our marriage per se......not our anniversary...... but something that actually something that trumps both of those thing..... the gift of restoration. 

A year ago at this time, my heart was wounded....beyond what I thought, could ever be repaired.  The situation we were facing at that time left me feeling hopeless and despaired and questioning how my heart could ever find it's way back to the love and trust I once knew in our marriage.

Though I had many people around me telling me that it was possible and that God was good..... all the time.... and though I really did believe He was..... I was at a point that I wasn't even sure if I had the strength to try anymore.  

So.... I did what God asked of me..... which was a simple directive that took en enormous amount of strength.... I chose to live one day.... one hour.... one minute at a time.  I surrounded myself with encouraging support from fellow believers and I clung to God like white on rice.  

With every ounce of energy I had left, I placed my trust in His hands and not in my husband's words, actions or abilities.  

I allowed God to show me His faithfulness..... and His perfect timing..... and this..... taught me so much in terms of patience and faithfulness.  

Oh, I had days that I questioned what I was doing and I certainly had moments where I felt I was walking a road that was sure to continue in pain and heartache..... BUT God.  

He loves me.  He promises good to me.  He promises He will not give me pain without allowing something beautiful to be born from it. 

And God is nothing if not faithful.  

Today.... I sit here with more gratitude than I can put into words as I look at my husband, whom God touched one day and restored him back to the man I married.  I can laugh with him again.  I can cry on his shoulder again.  I can share my pains, my hurts and my struggles with him again.  And day by day..... moment by moment.... I can continue to give him back little pieces of my heart that I had locked far away from him for a very long time.  

There are still moments of pain, memories fade but never completely die.  There are still moments of unnecessary panic and anxiety and there are still moments I have to fight back anger and resentment.  But they are becoming less and less.  

We fly away Friday morning to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.... where we will celebrate God's gift of restoration!!!

This IS a celebration!  This IS money well invested!  And we give God the glory for every single moment we will share in this little paradise!

If you are finding yourself in a season of restoration or even if you and your spouse have made it over the hump of what appeared to be an impossible mountain top..... CELEBRATE!!  

Celebrate God's goodness and celebrate each other!  Show the world that overcoming one of Satan's evil tactics to separate what God has joined together is a victory well worth celebrating!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friends
Missy and Garrick 



Kate Brock
04/03/2017 9:57am

Enjoy your getaway!! It sounds wonderful and you will see the SUN!! Have a great time and cherish each minute! Hugs!!

04/20/2017 11:07pm

I am very happy to see that everything is back to normal again. Restoration is very important when we are living in a society. However, it is our egoistic attitude that prevents us from reconciliation. There are only few people like you who break the ego and become united again.


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