I am FINALLY getting adjusted to returning to "real life."  After 5 glorious days in paradise, real life kind of smacks ya up side the head!! LOL

My body was back in Iowa in parent mode, but my mind was still basking on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta! I am all good now!

Our trip was such a blessing, not just because of the relaxation, the gorgeous scenery and having food and drink at our 24 hour disposal, but because of the valuable lessons we learned along the way. 

First off, as much as I have grown in patience.....God revealed to me through traveling that I still have a looooong way to go!! LOL  For example, I found myself easily frustrated getting on and off the plane as it take some individuals a light year to place their carry on bag in the upper bin!  Some even like to chit chat while doing so prolonging the activity even longer.  Why I think I should be able to get on and off a plane quickly.... I do not know!  

Something I really need to work on!! LOL

Also, there are all kinds of little inconveniences that can take place when traveling that I guess I knew of, but never thought we effect me!!

We had a very short lay over between flights.  We left DesMoines and flew to Dallas/ Ft. Worth to catch a connecting flight to Puerto Vallara!  Well, I thought a short lay over was a good thing! 


For starters our we sat on the run way in Des Moines for an hour while they tended to "mechanical issues," (very comforting by the way!) and by the time we took off, it was pretty inevitable that we were going to miss our connecting flight in Dallas.  We only had a 45 minute lay over and the Dallas Airport is the size of Albia!  It is HUGE!  You have to take a tram to get from one gate to another!

When we got off the plane in Dallas there was a not so kind airport employee telling everyone, "YOU MISSED YOUR CONNECTING FLIGHTS, you will have to get a new boarding pass and book another flight!"

I immediately came unglued!  As I am not a world traveler I did not know what this meant!  Would we be stuck in Dallas for days?  Are we going to miss days of our beautiful trip to Mexico?  I was not a happy camper.  Garrick remained calm of course, making me look even more frantic, but in the end, it ended up totally fine!  We were able to get on the next flight which was just a little over an hour from the time we got the boarding pass and it gave us time to use the potty and grab a snack!

So already, before we have even gotten to our final destination, God has showed me two areas that I got a big fat FFF in patience!! LOL

I learned a few more along the way!  When we finally got off the plane in Mexico and you are so excited to get out and see that beautiful scenery you paid so much to see..... you can't!!  
Now it is time to fill out all kinds of customs paperwork and to top it off, there is really know where to do this, so you are sitting on the floor of the airport trying to scrounge pens so you can fill out paperwork that seems to repeat itself over and over.  I was able to keep my mouth closed pretty well as I didn't want to draw attention to myself in the Mexican customs line (LOL) however, my patience was wearing pretty thin!!

The flights home were more major lessons!  Garrick ended up sick, so that was a little inconvenient though he handled well, but I had no idea getting back into our country would take even more patience than trying to get out!! LOL

Oh the lines!!! LINES OF PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!  Garrick wound up getting a very personal pat down by security because he forgot to take his belt off and almost got us in hot water in the Mexico airport for accidentally packing his pocket knife in his carry on rather than his checked bag!!  

I seriously gave him the look of death for that one!  

In case anyone wanted to know, I assure you, the US does and excellent job of assuring your safety while flying!  Though it is all inconvenient, it was worth every line and pat down to assure we were flying safely!

So there you have it!  I have a ways to go in the world of traveling!  I was really thinking I was improving with this whole patience thing, however, flying the friendly skies taught me otherwise!!!! LOL

Stay tuned for more updates on our wonderful trip!!!!

It is good to be back!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


04/19/2017 10:54pm

Enjoy your getaway!! It sounds wonderful and you will see the SUN!! Have a great time and cherish each minute! Hugs!!

04/22/2017 5:09am

I really like travelling and flying. I am not patience too, but for traveling, I am always excited and hyper. Others are lacking of patience because they are busy and they have more priorities than travelling. I really enjoyed every travel and I hope I can travel more with my family. I am sure you can work on this too.


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