I go through spurts with Pinterest!  

Recently, I added a Pinterest page to my blog and have been having waaay too much fun with it!

I was nosing around for recipes and of course got extremely side tracked and wound up hunting down cute Valenties's Day decorations, which in turn, lead me to DIY projects!

Well, I found two I just couldn't resist and headed off to WalMart with my girls yesterday to purchase the supplies.  The girls have had a recent obsession with homemade slime and we have invested in copious amounts of Elmer's glue.  I have allowed them to go with it since I can include it as part of a science lesson on chemical reactions!

So here are my finished projects!
I saw these baskets and I feel in love with them!  I plan on hanging one in the kid's bathroom and used one at my coffee bar.  I have one left to find a home for.  It made three!! 


  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire baskets (I bought these at Walmart for $1.98 a piece)
  • Little chalkboard plaques (Purchased at Walmart for $2.90 for a package of 4)
  • A roll of twine (Walmart $1 something for a large roll)

All I did was hot glue a piece of twine to the back of the chalkboard and then tied it around the wire basket. THAT'S IT!  I will need to buy some hooks, but that won't cost much!  So I made a total of three baskets for about $2 a piece!!!

Here is one I am using at my coffee bar for coffee, tea and hot cocoa!!
Next... I made an adorable Valentine's Day paper doilie banner.  


  • One package of paper doilies (Walmart package of 20 for $1.88)
  • Roll of twine (I bought for the previous project at Walmart for $1 something!)

All you need to do is cut a piece of twine and thread it through the doilies!  I wrapped scotch tape around the end of the twine so it would be easier to thread!!!  I also added glitter to one, not sure I like it as much!!  It was super cheap.... a total of $3.50 and it will make a ton of banners!!!
I hung one in Audree's play kitchen area!!! 
So there ya have it!!!  I spent under $10 on all of these projects!

Sometimes it's refreshing just to check out and use your creativity!  

I pray you are given some time to do the same!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend
It is very true, that husbands often get a bad rap! Wives often expect things from their husbands that are just not part of their make up and God's design.

It does not mean that they cannot accommodate and learn these skills, but they will more than likely never become first nature to them and they will often struggle to maintain their progress.

They are lots of things that I have learned to let go over the years and just accept that this is my hubby and that is okay!  I know there are things he would love to change about me!!!!  We don't need to name them.... but I know there is a list!!! LOL

Anyhoo.... yesterday I had an experience with one of my children that made it very clear to me , that there are things my husband is WAAAAYYYY better at than me!!!  

Being able to hold a fussy baby, make dinner and talk to an insurance company on the phone at the same time is NOT the only valuable skill in a marriage!  He has some doozies that I don't hold a candle to and yesterday, this became clear to me.  

My son turned 14 in December and you better bet your boots he was up at the courthouse getting his permit two days after his birthday!  Now, it is important to note that at that very same time, our car really began having issues and we felt God telling us the smart thing to do, was trade it in.  So... after a long season of desiring a newer vehicle, I was blessed with one and not just that.... it was the car I have wanted for YEARS!

I won't get into the big, long story, but let me just tell you, God orchestrated this for us perfectly and I finally got my Honda Pilot!

So... now, I have the car I've always wanted and I also have a new, very inexperienced (and a little over confident) driver. Along with being a new driver, he wants to drive ALLLLL THE TIME!  He is running errands with me he NEVER would have, just to get behind the wheel of my car. 

So, as you can well imagine, I am a NERVOUS Nelly!  I can already be a backseat driver when Garrick is behind the wheel.  It is one of my faults, I admit it dear!  It drives him crazy I think, but he is a very patient man and so far, he continued to allow me to sit in the front with him! LOL

Yesterday, my son had an off morning driving to school. Yes, every morning he wants to drive when I drop him off at school.  Well, he was very distracted and had a few close calls and I of course was a tad frantic!  He informed me, in not the nicest tone mind you, that dad is waaay calmer!  He doesn't flip out if I make a mistake!

At that moment I realized, he is totally right and I am very grateful for that!  

There are things that my husband is just more equipped to handle than me and I am incredibly grateful that God has given me a partner that balances our life out a bit.  

I would feel bad for my son if he had to learn to drive with two a Nervous Nelly and Ned!  I spend most of the car ride with him rubbing necking until my neck hurts!!  Garrick just sits back and calmly observes!

So.... yesterday I began running a list in my mind of all the things my husband is better at than me.... and I will tell you.... it was refreshing to become more aware of this!  So... here is the list.....

  1. TEACHING OUR CHILD TO DRIVE IN MY NEW TO ME CAR!! ( I already made this one clear!! LOL)
  2. DEALING WITH BROKEN APPLIANCES and vehicles! (There really is nothing he cannot fix and he never gets frazzled, unlike me... I have myself doing dishes by hand and walking uphill in the snow for all eternity when something goes wrong!)
  3. PACKING A CAR FOR A TRIP! (He is like a testris wizard with the amount of stuff we have to haul with four kids!  I look at the pile and think, this will NEVER fit, and he makes it fit every time!
  4. DRIVING IN BAD WEATHER!!(I will drive in a little snow, but once there is more than an inch or so, I am stationary!  He can and does drive in anything.  He once got us home safely in an ice storm, pulling a huge trailer full of furniture.  We were literally sliding at a stand still. He did it and calmly at that!)
  5. MOVING FURNITURE!  I can spend ten minutes trying to shove something across the room and he'll walk in and move it with one arm! 
  6. MOWING THE GRASS!  It always looks like a professional mowed our lawn when he does it, I am not horrible, but zig zags aren't an issue for me! LOL
  7. LOADING THE DISHWASHER! I just don't care, I should, but I don't.  He is meticulous and I do believe, he does get a bit annoyed at my blazay attitude toward loading the dishwasher!
  8. FOLD LAUNDRY! I fold it and do is decently, however, his laundry always looks like it was folded by the military!  No joke!
  9. IRONING!  I don't iron, I will but I am horrible at it!  He is a master and irons all his own clothes! So much so, that one day when I was using the iron, our daughter asked me, "what are you doing with daddy's iron?"  LOL

So, there is a the short list!  And I am grateful for every one of these things!!!  I often fail to remember them!  

What are some things your husband is better at than you that you can acknowledge today???

It is refreshing to remind ourselves that we became one with the person God knew would pick up where we leave off!!!!

Thank you Garrick D. for your many talents and gifts that you patiently share with your family!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend

My kids LOVE stuffed crust pizza!!  I will admit.... I happen to love the cheesy crust as well!  Long ago, I figured out how they stuff that darn crust, and it is easy as can be!

This is my go to, no fail, pizza crust recipe along with a crust stuffing of delicious cheese

Give it a whirl!


1 Tbsp yeast
1 cup warm water
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 1/2 cups of flour
1 package of string cheese
1 can pizza sauce
shredded cheese
and choice of toppings

* I use a mixer to make my dough, with the hook attachment, but you can certainly do it by hand.  Dissolve yeast in warm water, add the rest of your ingredients. If you like, you can add a few shakes of garlic powder for flavor!  Mix with paddle mixer and once the dough is mixed, put the hook attachment on.  Let dough kneed for about 3 minutes.  If you do this by hand, mix dough until well mixed then dump on floured surface and kneed for 3 minutes.  

Photo Credit: Is it delivery? NO, it's Digornio!!
Cover the dough and let rest for 5 minutes!  This step is important as it makes the dough softer and more pliable.  Spray your pizza pan well. Spread dough across pizza pan leaving excess around the edges for the crust.  The dough can be very thin, it will fluff up when cooking.  Now take the string cheese around the edge of the pizza, pulling the dough up over the cheese and pinching it closed.  Do this around the entire perimeter of the pizza.  

Now cover dough with sauce and desired toppings!  

Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes!  


Peace and Blessings
Your Hungry Friend
I'm all about JOY in life.  I have learned the HUGE difference between being "happy" and being "joyful."  

Happiness is dependent upon circumstances, where as joy.... is an internal emotion that cannot easily be snatched away by adverse circumstances!  God bring JOY!  When He remains my focus.... I am able to maintain my joy, understanding He in full control and wants what is best for me, therefore, I have nothing to fear or dread.  He is using every situation in my life for His greater purpose and my job is to allow my life to be used for His glory.  What greater joy could there be than this?

However, I will tell you, I have truly come to value some of the little things God has lead me to do on a daily basis that truly help my joy thermometer stay stable!!  Life can become monotonous, mundane and very routine.  You become almost like a robot, just surviving the day, forgetting that joy was meant to be abundant in the company of the Lord.  

Winter can really become mundane for me.  As a homeschool/ stay at home mom, the long, cold, winter days trapped inside with kiddos can become very, let us say, repetitious!  I long for a variance in my day!  Here are some things God has lead me to do... to help maintain that joy we all so greatly long for!!

1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS start my day with God.  It does not matter if all you have is 5 minutes to pray and read a Psalm or Proverb or any scripture you are lead to.  That is 5 minutes well invested and gives God the opportunity to speak into your heart.  Never let Satan convince you, you don't have time.  You ALWAYS have time for God.  Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier and make Him a priority!  This will be the greatest thing you can do!!!  Trust me on this one!!!

2. Enjoy a warm morning beverage!!  If you aren't a coffee drinker, that is A OKAY!  There are tons of awesome warm and yummy drinks out there.  Flavored teas, which can also be very healthy, Chai Tea is delicious and you can often find pods for your Keurig, which makes them super convenient as well!  This is a great thing to enjoy while you read your scripture and pray!

3. Make your bed!  YES!  You heard me! Make your bed!! As silly as this may sound, here is why.... first off... your room should be your quiet, peaceful, haven!  Make yourself a cozy warm bed with lots of fluffy pillows!  It will not only give you a sense of peace when you are in your room but it will be sooo inviting at the end of the day!!  Allow one room in your home to be a bit organized... your little haven away from the chaos of the world! Put a candle in your room along with a little table by your bed to keep your Bible, journal, your warm beverage or anything else you need to feel peace!

4. TAKE AT LEAST 15-20 MINUTES FOR YOUR BODY!  I try to run/ speed walk 3-4 times per week.  I love going outdoors, but I also have a dreaedmill.  Even though I often do dread climbing on that thing.... I feel SOOOO much better when I am finished!  I do this in the morning.... so I can start my day feeling more energized and accomplished!  If you don't have a treadill, buy a video, do some yoga, run your stairs... anything that helps your body!!!  This WILL make a huge difference in your day!! Trust me on this one too!!!

5. Find a hobby you enjoy and make a slot of time for it as often as possible!  I love to Bible journal.  I don't have as much time as I would like to do this, but even if I am able to spend 10 minutes a day at it, it brings me joy!  You could spend your lunch hour doing something you love!!!  

6. DECORATE your home!  This one is huge for me!!  My environment has a great effect on my mental health!  Though my home is no Better Homes and Gardens, I love to spend time making it a peaceful and cozy place to be.  You can do this by spending very little money, just being creative!  A great idea is to have a home decor swap with friends.  Everyone gets tired of their own things, so if everyone brings the things they want to get rid of, you can just swap!!!  Goodwills and Second Hand stores are fun to scour for items as well.  A coat of paint can change an entire space!!!  Make a place you enjoy being!  

7. LAUGH!  We need to laugh everyday!!!  NEED TO!  So, when I feel I am lacking joy in my day, I turn on something to make me laugh... like I Love Lucy reruns on HULU!  Or National Lampoons Christmas vacation!  Something that always make me laugh and smile!  Call someone who makes you laugh or pull up YouTube videos that make you chuckle!!  Find a way to laugh!! Belly laugh if possible!!!  Laughter is known to boost your immune system and do so much more!!  Read the benefits of laughter here....

So... there you have it!  Some small ways to make your 2017 a little more joyful!!!!!  I would love to hear anything you do on a daily basis that brings you more joy!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend