So another day is almost at a close and I honestly, as much as the crazy days can ware one down, sometimes, it is one of my greatest sources of laughter!!!

So, my day started off typical, morning Bible/ God time, a quick run, breakfast for kids, running one off to school, homeschooling and lunch!  

After laying Audree down I scored some great deals at Dollar General with my Dollar General Digital coupons as well as some paper ones from the Sunday paper.  

Then began the after school hustle and bustle and dinner making.  I switched my weekly menu around a tad and wound up making Buffalo Chicken Pizza tonight! It was DELISH!!!!

Here is a peek at the finished product!
Next my oldest child comes busting out of the bathroom after his early evening shower to gather some pizza!  I ask this child if they cleaned up the bathroom, "yes!" was the response.  

I later walk by to see the shower curtain completely cattywampus  and water all over the the bathroom floor!  I guess this child simply doesn't have an eye for detail!! LOL

I then hear the same child coming down the stairs with dirty dishes and walk past said child, just in time to hear the words...."we really need to get one of those dumb waiters installed so I don't have to keep brining down my dishes!! 

Yes.  I will get right on that!

I then glance into the kitchen to see my two year old stripping naked yelling, "time for tubby!"  She took off streaking up the stairs.  I got side tracked for a moment and eventually made my way upstairs to bathe the naked child.  

I guess I should be happy she found a toilet of some type to use.... I walked in the bathroom just in time to see this....

That would be a Monster High plastic swimming pool!

These are the moments folks, that can't be planned and certainly not forgotten!  I am happy to report Audree did use the Monster High "potty" to her advantage and came running out of the bathroom with a stinky surprise inside!  

Blessed.... is the woman... who perseveres!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



Kate Brock
09/21/2016 9:52am

You need to write a book! It would be full of good thoughts, great stories of your activities in a normal (maybe I should say somewhat normal) and many chuckles!! You are the best!!!

01/25/2017 8:27pm

Wow, that certainly is a cherishing movement. I am really happy for you. You have a great sense of humor and great children.

03/02/2017 4:06am

I think you need to become a writer too. You have so many things to share.


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