A few weeks ago, I saw this ad for Funfitfab boxes on Facebook!  I already subscribe to Ipsy and get a little cosmetic bag full of goodies delivered to my door once a month!  I LOVE IT!  For only $10 I receive a cute make up bag with sample size products including; eye shadows, blush, lip gloss/stick, mascara, eyeliner, nail polish, hair products, skin care products and more!  The samples last me for quite some time and I have found a lot of new products that I love and probably would never have known about otherwise!  And $10 is an excellent price as one bottle of the nail polish alone is probably close to that!

So... when I saw Funfitfab posted I was super excited! I LOVE getting fun stuff in the mail. Then send out a new box four times a year for each season.  They boxes contain over $200 worth of items you get delivered to your door for $49.99.  Your first box is $39.99 and you can cancel anytime if you don't want to receive the next box, though, I think you will really want to!

Our Anniversary is right around the corner, ergo, I told my husband this would be my gift!!  And it would be the gift that keeps giving the WHOLE year!!  It's great fun for me to get a present 4 times in a year and it relieves him of the agony of trying to come up with the perfect gift!!

I got my first box today and I LOVE IT!!  Rather than take a zillion pictures of each item, I stepped WAAAAAAY out of my comfort zone and made a video!  This way you can see all the items with explanation! I promised my blog would be authentic, so, as today was a lazy day and I was looking rather lazy, I did not altar my appearance in the slightest!  I am Au NatUral!!!  


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11/07/2016 12:29am

I love these funfitfab boxes. They are really efficient in all possible ways. The designs are really worth our money. Sometimes I want to use the boxes for decorations only. I have used them for quite a while and I can bring a lot of my make up tools in it. I also tried to push my friends to buy one for themselves as they envy the design from the outside.

02/06/2017 11:27pm

Oh my gosh, those pretty stunning Funfitfab boxes caught my attention in social media. I also saw it on Facebook. It has surprisingly good things inside of it. It has all that I need and it's not that pricey. It cost, just right than what I expected it be. I actually can't wait to order another one next month!


It was all because of your blog that I was able to know about Funfitfab boxes which was really good thing to have some fun. I was really not having the idea about this that facebook can be so fun.

03/02/2017 4:05am

Some super fun stuff and some ok! But they are expensive as for me.


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