HOMEmaking.  Not a lot of people use this term anymore.  It is almost considered primitive.  I personally, happen to LOVE this word. 


Because a home, is not just a house or an apartment.  A home, is your safe haven of comfort away from a sometimes, busy, chaotic and at times, scary and hurtful world.  

When I was a young girl, it was a rarity for me to make it an entire night away from home.  I did not partake in a lot of sleep overs.  I would make it at my grandparents home and one friends home that I can recall, otherwise, my comfort was found in my own house, in my own bed.  

That is what a home is for.  

So the art of homemaking is not just a matter of cleaning, managing and arranging furniture.  It is more about creating an environment that is peaceful, loving, nurturing and safe for the members that live there.  This can't be done just with your hands.

A HUGE part of homemaking is done with your HEART.  

Unfortunately, we often get caught up focusing on the visual and obvious.  A good homemaker is considered the one who has the spotless home, organize cabinets, possibly exquisite decorating and daily home cooked meals.  And while these things are wonderful, if the heart of the homemaker is not focused correctly, none of these things will matter.  

A clean home is great, but a nurturing home is better.  An organized home is super, but a loving home is better.  Home cooked meals or awesome, but a peaceful home is better.  Beautiful decor is wonderful, but a safe home is better.  

On this page, I will share with you;
  • some of my personal favorite homemaking ideas, 
  • some delicious recipes, 
  • funny and humorous happening in my home 
  • and the number one thing.... making GOD the center of your home.  
THIS.  This can be a corner of peace, even while there may be corner of toys and chaos.  THIS. Is where my heart.... meets my home.
Don't strive for perfection..... Strive for purpose.
I can't let a disorganized laundry room..... define me as a homemaker. 
Yes, my pantry contains Doritos as well as Oreo Cookies and sugary cereal.  Just because my pantry is not full of Organic food and snacks (which is totally awesome if yours is!!) does not mean.... I don't feed my family well

"Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
In the very heart of your house." Psalm 128:3


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01/27/2017 8:56am

Your home is the best place on earth. It give you all the comfort and place and your personal space you need. It feels so good to be in one's place. It seems so good.


Home is a safe spot where you are always welcome and even needed. The only place in the world and I'm a lucky to have one.

03/16/2017 11:37pm

I love how you delivered this article. You know how to impress every reader like me. And that is why, I totally agree of your thoughts about home. Home is where we grew. Home is where we feel safe. And home is the only one we want to go back even we go somewhere else.


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