It is a beautiful thing.  What do you think of when you think of the word "peace?"

My mind begins filling with visions of quiet mornings with warm coffee, a hot bubble bath by candle light, a rejuvenating walk/run by myself, the sound of the gentle waves crashing on the beach, silent evenings laying cozy in my bed watching a good movie or reading God's word. I see people holding or shaking hands, hugging, smiling, laughing.  

You can visibly SEE peace. Even just seeing it can bring immediate solace to even the anxious of hearts.

One of the most wondrous attributes of peace, is it can be contagious. 

Just a misery loves company, peace loves partners.

Have you ever experienced that in your own life.  Perhaps you were stressed, hurting, angry or extremely worried or anxious....

BUT THEN.... you were brought into the presence of a person that spreads peace.  Maybe it is just who they are.  Maybe it is their environment they create.  Maybe it is their ability to live in peace and joy irregardless of the circumstances that surround them.  Maybe its their unshakable faith.  Maybe its their gift of always knowing the right thing to say that brings immediate peace to your own heart.  Maybe they say nothing.... they simply listen, touch your hand and smile.

Maybe its not even a person but an environment.  Is there a place where you feel the most peace?  When you walk in the door contentment fills your heart.  You can feel the presence of God there.  The surroundings are tranquil, uplifting and safe.  The environment simply displays peace... from every corner.  

I have known those people and I have experienced those places.  And in both situations the peace that was displayed.... began with one common thing...

One persons heart. 

All it takes... is one person that knows peace to spread it to hundreds and possibly thousands of others.  Maybe more!

Is your home peaceful? 

I understand those of us raising children often lack consistent peace in our homes.  That is a given, however, as a whole, do you find peace in your home?  Do you look forward to walking in your doors or do you dread it?  Do you have a feeling of unrest when you are in your home or do you feel a sense of comfort and contentment?  Does your family experience joy and security there or is a place of chaos and instability? 

I have experienced both in my home.  During the difficult seasons that Garrick and I have gone through, there were many stretches of time that our home was chaotic and unstable.  It was brutal.  

We had been so used to, for the most part, a stable, peaceful and joyful home.  This season of war we have experienced was devastating to all of us.  Most tragically, my children.  

It is our job as parents, to provide that peaceful home environment for our children.  They, will learn by example.  We failed at that, off an on throughout this season.  

Oh God, never quit convicting and speaking to me.  And once again, even though the journey was painful... I learned so very much about .... peace. 

Peace in my home.... can begin with me.  

Yes, others in my home can be in utter turmoil!  My spouse can be choosing things that may hurt me or be devastating to my heart.  My children can be mouthy, disrespectful or full of attitude.  We could have illness, stress and struggle happening all around us.....

BUT... I can still... bring peace. 

I failed at this many, many times.  

Why?  Because of what I have blogged on previously... my hasty reactions.  Folks, I will not sit here and tell you that I did not have just cause or justification for the way I felt on many occasions... I absolutely did!  Very often, I had the right to feel angry, hurt and broken beyond belief!!
However, my reactions very often did turn that mess... into a disaster.  A war zone.  I know darn well that I CANNOT control others.  Ever.  BUT... I can control myself.  If I want peace in my home... even during a chaotic season, I can bring that into my home.  

With God, all things are possible.  Since learning that I can have and choose and bring peace, even during a painful circumstance... my world has changed.  My home has changed... back to what we once all knew.  I feel a contentment I have not felt in a very long time.  And I wish I had a magic wand to help you feel this same thing... I don't.

BUT... God has the power!!  It is all Him friends... not me!  He has shown me He stands in the eye of the storm, with His arms raised, blocking the deadly waves from crashing over me.  I may still feel the heavy winds that leave me staggering for a time, but I WILL NOT FALL!!

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

His peace is like no other and I want you to experience THAT kind of peace.  

It is a process that only God can help you master, however, I want to be as much help as possible... SO....

Join me for my "Fall into PEACE giveaway!"

I am going to be giving away a full size Lemon Poundcake Yankee candle!  They are my FAVORITE!!!!  

Most people attribute peace... the the low and calming flickering of a candle.  The scent can also bring peace and tranquility.

Each morning or evening, whenever you are home for the day, I want you to light this candle.  If you don't happen to win mine, I want you to purchase a large candle.  You can buy great smelling ones at WalMart for pretty cheap!  When you light your candle I want you to remember the peace God gives and can and will give you.  I want you to meditate on the scripture I posted above from the book of John.  I want you to pray that God would fill your heart with that peace and every time you begin to doubt, may the flickering of the candle and the pleasant scent remind you how intensely God's love burns for you and the magnificent peace He gives.  

If you would like to win the giveaway, simply leave a comment and I will connect you via facebook if you are the winner!  I will be drawing a name a week from today!!!  

May the peace and joy of the Lord... be yours... today.

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


Leave a comment and you could be the winning sniffer of ME!!!


Jennifer Sample
10/07/2016 7:12am

Oooh yummy!!! Lemon candles are one of our favorites!! And Yankee to boot!! 😀

03/24/2017 9:11pm

This is such a wonderful post about peace. For me, I feel peace at home whenever I am with my family. I feel safe with them. We are sharing each other, caring and giving love for one another. I also feel peace with my friends or other people that are close to me. Greeting and smiling at each other is a plus factor. I just hope that everyone would find peace in their minds. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post.

10/08/2016 8:41am

I love your transparent heart and that you want people to see Jesus through you! Blessings to you and Garrick and your family. (I found you through a comment you left MSM.)

Thank you for the opportunity. Candles are amazing!

I am "Dale Werner" on Facebook and am nearly friendless. It's all part of a promise my husband and I made to each other after several friends had their marriages destroyed through a rekindling of previous relationships via Facebook. Clearly Facebook isn't the cause of a broken marriage, but it was a common factor for several families in our circles.

10/08/2016 11:25am

yum! I love candles in the fall

Nicole Krajnovich
10/12/2016 12:35pm

While I'm not hugely spiritual, I've still been reading your blog every day. It's been very insightful. Keep at it, I have to believe you will gain more followers!

Kate Jones
10/13/2016 12:46pm

Missy.... Everything you write is always inspiring!! Your thrifty ideas, recipes and relationship to God are all things I try to achieve!! Keep it up!! You truly do make a difference in lives 💕

10/13/2016 12:53pm

Awesome! Love you and your blog.


When I think of peace I feel that I am no longer attached to the world. It is as if all the bonds are broken. It is a very hard thing to achieve with the duties, problems and politics in the society.

03/02/2017 4:03am

This is so pleasant of you to make a giveaway. And this is a great way to make some noise over your blog.


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