I go through spurts with Pinterest!  

Recently, I added a Pinterest page to my blog and have been having waaay too much fun with it!

I was nosing around for recipes and of course got extremely side tracked and wound up hunting down cute Valenties's Day decorations, which in turn, lead me to DIY projects!

Well, I found two I just couldn't resist and headed off to WalMart with my girls yesterday to purchase the supplies.  The girls have had a recent obsession with homemade slime and we have invested in copious amounts of Elmer's glue.  I have allowed them to go with it since I can include it as part of a science lesson on chemical reactions!

So here are my finished projects!
I saw these baskets and I feel in love with them!  I plan on hanging one in the kid's bathroom and used one at my coffee bar.  I have one left to find a home for.  It made three!! 


  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire baskets (I bought these at Walmart for $1.98 a piece)
  • Little chalkboard plaques (Purchased at Walmart for $2.90 for a package of 4)
  • A roll of twine (Walmart $1 something for a large roll)

All I did was hot glue a piece of twine to the back of the chalkboard and then tied it around the wire basket. THAT'S IT!  I will need to buy some hooks, but that won't cost much!  So I made a total of three baskets for about $2 a piece!!!

Here is one I am using at my coffee bar for coffee, tea and hot cocoa!!
Next... I made an adorable Valentine's Day paper doilie banner.  


  • One package of paper doilies (Walmart package of 20 for $1.88)
  • Roll of twine (I bought for the previous project at Walmart for $1 something!)

All you need to do is cut a piece of twine and thread it through the doilies!  I wrapped scotch tape around the end of the twine so it would be easier to thread!!!  I also added glitter to one, not sure I like it as much!!  It was super cheap.... a total of $3.50 and it will make a ton of banners!!!
I hung one in Audree's play kitchen area!!! 
So there ya have it!!!  I spent under $10 on all of these projects!

Sometimes it's refreshing just to check out and use your creativity!  

I pray you are given some time to do the same!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


Carol Scott
01/27/2017 7:53am

Sweet ideas Missy! You know me I love to craft😍

01/30/2017 11:26am

I like doing DIYs, thanks for a wonderful idea! DIYs are better to do than buying things, aside from you can save a money, it's another way of developing your creativity. The banner is so fantastic, it's very seasonal and artistic. It's time to be creative this season because valentines is coming. I hope it's not too late to decorate my kitchen with that. Thanks for the idea!

02/18/2017 1:05pm

I totally agree! It's addictive, fun, visually appealing, and easy. No wonder Pinterest is the best site for DIY. Thank you for sharing this wonderful craft. It is really beautiful and no one ever knows you made it. It's like you bought it in the market and spend more than they expected.

03/02/2017 3:48am

You need to have certain skills to do let's say a designer DIY. I always wondered of human wit,.


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