It is very true, that husbands often get a bad rap! Wives often expect things from their husbands that are just not part of their make up and God's design.

It does not mean that they cannot accommodate and learn these skills, but they will more than likely never become first nature to them and they will often struggle to maintain their progress.

They are lots of things that I have learned to let go over the years and just accept that this is my hubby and that is okay!  I know there are things he would love to change about me!!!!  We don't need to name them.... but I know there is a list!!! LOL

Anyhoo.... yesterday I had an experience with one of my children that made it very clear to me , that there are things my husband is WAAAAYYYY better at than me!!!  

Being able to hold a fussy baby, make dinner and talk to an insurance company on the phone at the same time is NOT the only valuable skill in a marriage!  He has some doozies that I don't hold a candle to and yesterday, this became clear to me.  

My son turned 14 in December and you better bet your boots he was up at the courthouse getting his permit two days after his birthday!  Now, it is important to note that at that very same time, our car really began having issues and we felt God telling us the smart thing to do, was trade it in.  So... after a long season of desiring a newer vehicle, I was blessed with one and not just that.... it was the car I have wanted for YEARS!

I won't get into the big, long story, but let me just tell you, God orchestrated this for us perfectly and I finally got my Honda Pilot!

So... now, I have the car I've always wanted and I also have a new, very inexperienced (and a little over confident) driver. Along with being a new driver, he wants to drive ALLLLL THE TIME!  He is running errands with me he NEVER would have, just to get behind the wheel of my car. 

So, as you can well imagine, I am a NERVOUS Nelly!  I can already be a backseat driver when Garrick is behind the wheel.  It is one of my faults, I admit it dear!  It drives him crazy I think, but he is a very patient man and so far, he continued to allow me to sit in the front with him! LOL

Yesterday, my son had an off morning driving to school. Yes, every morning he wants to drive when I drop him off at school.  Well, he was very distracted and had a few close calls and I of course was a tad frantic!  He informed me, in not the nicest tone mind you, that dad is waaay calmer!  He doesn't flip out if I make a mistake!

At that moment I realized, he is totally right and I am very grateful for that!  

There are things that my husband is just more equipped to handle than me and I am incredibly grateful that God has given me a partner that balances our life out a bit.  

I would feel bad for my son if he had to learn to drive with two a Nervous Nelly and Ned!  I spend most of the car ride with him rubbing necking until my neck hurts!!  Garrick just sits back and calmly observes!

So.... yesterday I began running a list in my mind of all the things my husband is better at than me.... and I will tell you.... it was refreshing to become more aware of this!  So... here is the list.....

  1. TEACHING OUR CHILD TO DRIVE IN MY NEW TO ME CAR!! ( I already made this one clear!! LOL)
  2. DEALING WITH BROKEN APPLIANCES and vehicles! (There really is nothing he cannot fix and he never gets frazzled, unlike me... I have myself doing dishes by hand and walking uphill in the snow for all eternity when something goes wrong!)
  3. PACKING A CAR FOR A TRIP! (He is like a testris wizard with the amount of stuff we have to haul with four kids!  I look at the pile and think, this will NEVER fit, and he makes it fit every time!
  4. DRIVING IN BAD WEATHER!!(I will drive in a little snow, but once there is more than an inch or so, I am stationary!  He can and does drive in anything.  He once got us home safely in an ice storm, pulling a huge trailer full of furniture.  We were literally sliding at a stand still. He did it and calmly at that!)
  5. MOVING FURNITURE!  I can spend ten minutes trying to shove something across the room and he'll walk in and move it with one arm! 
  6. MOWING THE GRASS!  It always looks like a professional mowed our lawn when he does it, I am not horrible, but zig zags aren't an issue for me! LOL
  7. LOADING THE DISHWASHER! I just don't care, I should, but I don't.  He is meticulous and I do believe, he does get a bit annoyed at my blazay attitude toward loading the dishwasher!
  8. FOLD LAUNDRY! I fold it and do is decently, however, his laundry always looks like it was folded by the military!  No joke!
  9. IRONING!  I don't iron, I will but I am horrible at it!  He is a master and irons all his own clothes! So much so, that one day when I was using the iron, our daughter asked me, "what are you doing with daddy's iron?"  LOL

So, there is a the short list!  And I am grateful for every one of these things!!!  I often fail to remember them!  

What are some things your husband is better at than you that you can acknowledge today???

It is refreshing to remind ourselves that we became one with the person God knew would pick up where we leave off!!!!

Thank you Garrick D. for your many talents and gifts that you patiently share with your family!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



01/20/2017 5:04am

I also take my husband for granted. Sometimes I forget that he knows some things better than me. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. We should really remember that they have special skills that are needed by our family. We should also remember that he was given to us so he can balance us out. We should never take our husbands for granted again.


Your post is interesting. I can say that you really love your husband. It is good that you admit the things that your husband is good at. We must admit that there are things that only our husbands can do better. Please keep posting updates about your married life.


I think this is just depends on every individuality. You can't say that men are obviously better at something.


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