Yesterday, I decided to haul out some trim paint and begin giving my very dirty and dingy white trim a face lift.  

Pretty simple task right?  Well, it seems that living in a home with four children, two dogs and two cats, rarely is anything super simple! LOL

I had to chuckle at God's sense of humor yesterday as he used my very large Golden Retriever, Fozzy, to teach me a humorous lesson.

I had JUST finished painting a section of base trim near the dining room window, when I headed to the kitchen for a offspring interruption.  Mind you, this was the only section of trim I had painted thus far.  The entire rest of the house was paintless..... this was the ONLY spot that had wet paint!

I turned around to head back into the dining room and there he sat.  Who may you ask?  My ginormous, very furry Golden Retriever had plopped his big body down right against the wet paint!!!

Now, in his defense a bit, he does often like to lay by that window, however, for the most part he lays on his bed or the couch!  The window is not his first pick. So of course, I begin my popular preaching, that not only my children rarely listen to, but I'm almost positive the dog couldn't care less about.  

"Come on Foz!! REALLY? You had the ENTIRE house to choose from and you choose the WET PAINT?  For crying out loud!"
Of course, he just looks up at me with those big brown blank eyes, and begins wagging his tail as if I was speaking words of affirmation to him. LOL
And then God spoke amidst my tiny tantrum!  His words were very clear!! I heard this....

Ahhh... now you know how I felt with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden!!  Now you know how I feel when I give you most of the world and you still want to choose the things I did not will for you!!

Well, with my tail tucked between my legs, I had to snicker at His words as I realized how very true they were!

I work diligently at recognizing the blessings God gives me but I very often fail.  They aren't enough.... I want more.  I want the wet painted trim.  

I was reminded that yes, I have come so far in the realm of contentment; God has taught me so much, however, I still fail daily at recognizing, even among life's chaos, how very much God has given me.  

Life will NEVER be perfect!  It will never be everything I WANT, because my wants are never satisfied and God knows this.  

He could give me everything I ever wanted in life and two days later if even, I would want something else.  We see this with our children ALL. THE. TIME.  They beg and beg for something, they finally get it, a week later (not even) they want something else!

As I look at the white paint stuck to Fozzy's fur, it is a reminder of my discontentment and how running after the things God has not willed can leave us branded, wounded or scarred.  

May I choose contentment... today.  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


02/13/2017 5:02am

Dogs are angels in disguise. They are God's gift to us. Dogs only know how spread love and joy towards humanity. They don't ask anything in return and will only provide us with unexceptional love. This is the reason why I love dogs more than humans, because they can teach us how to love without boundaries.

03/02/2017 3:45am

This lesson needs to be learned. It is good when you can learn on someone else situation.


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