So.... my very talented husband graciously helped me finish my chalkboard project!  
I wish I had thought to take a photo of the before state of this old window!  Anyone who watched the video clip I did on this project will remember the state of the window! It had old dirty glass and a divider in the middle.  

We painted a piece of plywood with primer and then four coats of chalkboard paint.  Garrick removed the old window and divider and assembled this beauty!  He also painted the wood with lacquer as it had a lot of old dust and dirt seeping from every crevice!

I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the finished product!!  So do the kids!  It is providing much entertainment for the wildest one (Audree) during school!!  Plus Plus!!  

Since I had plenty of chalkboard paint left, I decided to paint the top of my old coffee table!  I purchased this table from Pottery Barn YEARS ago, Camden was just one year old, if that gives you a hint.  But it is super solid and great for crazy, accident prone children!  I have painted it a couple of times as well!  

It is amazing what you can do with chalkboard paint!  I have couple other projects I am going to take on with that handy dandy stuff!  I am going to paint a section on the front of my pantry door to write down items that are gone and I need to purchase!  I am NOTORIOUS for forgetting these staples at the store as I don't use them every day!
Eden, my 8 year old, had the great idea to paint a little section on Audree's little play refrigerator for her to write on!  

Those will be my next little home projects!  So... I highly recommend chalkboard paint!  The possibilities are endless!!

Tune in for my finished pantry door and play fridge!!!  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


02/09/2017 3:06am

It looks like a great idea and will surely keep the things aligned with keeping my kids busy and make them learn new things with their outmost interest..

02/19/2017 6:00pm

I hope that you can instruct us how to make this DIY chalkboard. I am interested in it and I think it is nice to write some important things to do and serves as a reminder. It is also helpful for kids. Your final product is awesome. I hope that you can share more DIYs. Thank you for sharing this.

03/02/2017 3:46am

It is always handy to write down your thoughts and projects on a board. This is such a symbolic deed.


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