I miss them.

I miss them every day.  

I see them.

I may giggle and laugh at them.

But yet I miss them.

My body and mind are still journeying through the recovery process from a very long season of chronic stress.  I am not totally sure of the science behind it, but I am finding out that even after the storms of life have passed, it may take your body and mind time to reestablish "normal." 

When you are in a season of high stress, especially for an extended amount of time, damage is being done you are not even aware of because your body and mind are still in that constant "fight" mode.  You are often surviving on adrenaline.  Kind of like running a marathon where you push and push until you reach the end but then your body just collapses. 

When you finally reach the end.... you can finally breathe and your body starts releasing that adrenaline and pent up stress you carried in order to survive.  

That is where I feel I have been for awhile.  Some days are great, others not so much and I definitely struggle with handing stress and adversity, much more than I did in a healthier state.  

I trust God in this season. I know He has  a purpose for it.  However, I find myself crying a lot, sometimes I am not even sure why.  

This morning I was meditating on one of my favorite scriptures on crying, (yes, there are even scriptures about that!!!) 

"You keep track of my sorrows.
You have collected my tears in a bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.
Psalm 56:8

God sees my tears and He cares deeply.  I don't doubt this for even a moment.  So even though from outward perspectives it may appear as though I am falling apart at times, inside my heart, I never doubt God's goodness and faithfulness.  I trust Him explicitly, though I struggle with wondering what His bigger plan is.  I still have moments of fear of the unknown and questioning when I will ever feel "normal" again. 

But even if I never return to what I consider "normal" there is purpose in that as well.  

This morning God told me that I HAVE to start refocusing my brain and one of the ways He revealed to me to do this was by saying...

Missy.... laugh.  You love to laugh.  I know this about you.  I gave you this characteristic.  And best of all.... you love to laugh at the simple things.... like "glamour shots" of animals and mindless movies. I gave you an eccentric child during this stressful season that makes you laugh every day with her crazy personality!  I know you need to cry.... but I also long for you to laugh.  I love the sound of your laughter.  It brings me great joy.  I will hold your tears.... and I will provide you with laughter. 

A peace fell upon me as I thought to myself how once again, right, God is. Every day, even in the midst of my struggles, He provides me with laughter in many forms. 

For that I am so incredibly grateful.  It pulls me from my dark pits and it's like a light just lit up the darkness in my heart!  So today... I thought i would share with you some photos and clips of things that make me laugh like crazy!!  
I pray, especially if you are needing it today.... they bring you great joy!!!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend
My sister's dog Bruno (AKA Bruce)! I can't get enough of this dog when I visit! I could sit and look at his ridiculous face all day!!!
When Napoleon's uncle throws a steak at him!!!
Yes... I could watch this over and over! LOL
This... need no explanation!!! LOL
I don't know.... but my sisters and I can sit and laugh at this for HOURS!!!
Any time I can do something to make my animals look sillier than they already do... is a good day in my book!


03/19/2017 3:21pm

That is really touchy post, loved every bit of it. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post with us and keep posting for us.

03/22/2017 12:51am

I am happy that you share this story of yours. I am glad to witness that happiness. Even if I don't know you personally, I can feel that you are a very positive person. Keep smiling and don't let the world pull you down. You are bigger than your problems.


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