These little tootsies are one of those precious pleasures of parenting!!  I could kiss them all day!

This colossal mess.... is one of those pesky pitfalls of parenting!  I could run from it.... everyday! LOL (FYI... sometimes I do!)

I could literally compare  pleasure and pitfall photos all day.  And I am here to tell ya, I am in no way an expert on the wondrous vocation of parenting!  Four kiddos later and every day is a new adventure.  I have children ranging in age from 13 to 2.  For the most part, I feel fairly confident with the 2 year old, as this is my fourth ride on the toddler train, however, my fourth child has been my most challenging yet and has often left me scratching my head and covering my ears and ducking for cover!! LOL

Then, there is the 13 year old. One of the main ways I am able to manage my teenager as well as the preteen is by placing myself back at that age and recalling how challenging and possibly annoying I had to have been to my parents as well.  NOT, that I am saying that my precious angels are annoying by any means, I am only recalling in fuzzy detail the sassy, know it all, combative behaviors I may have exhibited on rare occasions during those wonderful teen years. It seriously helps me give more grace and have more patience with the behaviors I find less than desirable!

On this page.... I will be a "real mama!"  I will share with you;

  • The pleasures and pitfalls of everyday parenting.
  • Ways God has lead me to train my children that have proven successful.
  • Supportive materials and references for parents in need!
  • Fun ways to engage your children.

We are in this parenting thing together.... but most importantly.... God is as well!
Peace and Blessings


10/25/2016 8:14am

Mother is most important for everyone. Many relation has in this world but not like mother. We should respect our mother in all situation.

04/17/2017 8:01pm

Exposing your children outside and just letting them enjoy their own childhood life is one of the simplest ways of enhancing their own knowledge about everything. They need to learn from their own mistakes with, of course, the guidance of their parents. This is the best way to do your duties and responsibilities as a parent to your children. The children need to make the most out of their childhood days. They should experience all of the fun and exciting moments of being a child. No parent should deprive their own child of all the things that make them happy as a child. Of course, you also need to set the boundaries to teach them what's right and wrong. I admire you as a parent and you may not notice now that you're already the perfect parent for your children, but I believe that one day all of your hard works and sacrifices for them will soon pay off.


Parents are the foundation of a family and having a good and nurturing relationship is the key to a good family. Kids will be kids and they molding them is a step by step process and they can fire back if they don't agree to the parent's decision. But parents should have a deeper understanding for their children because a lot is expected from them and as what this article said, kids don't need a perfect mama but rather a purposeful one. Perfection is subjective but purposeful is being realistic. Cheers!


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