So.... let us just say.... my precious two year old can be a bit of an unwelcome distraction during our homeschool days!

Oh, she loves to be part of school, but not necessarily as a student, but as the class clown!!

In desperation I have sought out different ways to entertain her during school.  We have a play room, however, she really prefers not to play in there and rather than playing IN the room with the toys, she prefers to BRING the toys to her... ergo, the whole darn house becomes a playroom! You catching my drift???  

It can be frustrating to have a room full of age appropriate, engaging toys that your child doesn't touch because they want to be where the action is.  

I can somewhat understand this.

Like many... I LOVE Pottery Barn, especially the Kids edition, however, my wallet does NOT!  When my now, 11 year old daughter was turning 3, she BEGGED for a "pink kitchen" set.  I looked around and found one that was in our budget more so than the Pottery Barn Kids edition.  

It is hard to believe we have had that kitchen for 8 years now, but it is still alive and kicking!  

I recall swooning, I mean looking, through a Pottery Barn Kids Christmas magazine one year and seeing that they had placed the play kitchen in the actual kitchen of the home!  The little ones were playing in their little kitchen, while mom was playing in her big one!

I thought to myself... that really is simple and genius, but that is all the further I took that thought! (FYI, that happens frequently!!)

For whatever reason, yesterday, I got a wild hair to move the play kitchen!!

I thought... Hmmmmmm.. perhaps my little class clown will play more with the kitchen IN the kitchen, especially since we do school in the dining room, where she would still be within sight and earshot.  

I got to work moving things aroun
AND... above it a photo of the finished product!!

SHE LOVED IT!!  She played with it most of the afternoon and her sisters even played with her for awhile!!

Now, every parent knows how this goes....newness tends to ware off quickly, however, I am standing faithful that this will at least be helpful during school time!

It also makes me happy to see toys actually getting USED!!

I have got all kinds of fun plans in my head with the little kitchen!  Christmas lights at Christmas!  Gingerbread cookie decals on the window above her kitchen! 

Yes, it is very possible I may have more fun with it than Audree... but hey... its the little things right??? 

If you all have any other great ideas for toddler entertainment for getting your dusty, neglected toys used..... please share!!! I may only get a few minutes peace... but a few minutes... is a few minutes!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



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02/09/2017 7:16pm

Such a nice and informative blog. Your two year old daughter is so cute. I also love the finished product, so cute and the color pink of the little kitchen. I am so in love with that color it feels like you are free from everything and is so girly color. I hope your ideas will be a big help to satisfy and make your daughter happy even more. I am glad that I found your blog. I love really love reading it and can't wait to read more. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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