Today, after church, I began pondering with God, the struggles I have in parenting.  I think a universal parenting problem is struggling with the reactions we often receive from our children when we tell them no or something they do not want to hear. 

A lot of times, it may feel like the easier thing to do, just to let them have their way, rather than deal with the unpleasant attitudes and behaviors that follow setting boundaries and limits with them.  

God revealed to me, if you look at this clearly, what is really happening is I am allowing my children/ child bully me or manipulate me into giving them what they want by plaguing me with their negative behavior.  

Why I allow this, I don't really know  But I know I do at times.  My job as a parent is not to make my children perpetually happy and content with life, nor is it to be their best friend.  

God has stated very clearly what my job is.... and that is the only way I stay grounded!

Here is a little video clip God lead me to make today..... I hope it speaks to you, if you struggle in this area of parenting!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 




11/16/2016 7:09am

The feeling for parents must be realized. They have some form of special feeling in mind. The need your attevtion. Movie clip revelers the details. The aim for us should be to give some time to the parents.


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