YES!!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration yesterday with Garrick's side of the family and today we head out to the tree farm in attempt to find the perfect tree!  We look for a tall slender fella that fits nicely in the corner of our family room!  

This has become one of my children's favorite family traditions!  

Do you have any family traditions you have made part of your family  legacy????  

I was very blessed to grow up in a family that held dear to many yearly holiday traditions!  My grandparents were  incredible at developing and carrying out these cherished traditions every year.  

Christmas was such an anticipated time of the year for me because of these traditions.  The weekend of Thanksgiving we would head out with Poppy to cut down a fresh Christmas tree!  We had a real tree every year.  Half the fun was watching the sometimes "frustrating" effort hauling the tree inside and getting it to stand straight in the stand!  

It also became a yearly tradition for someone to find their tree in the horizontal position when it was supposed to be vertical!!  LOL  My Poppy found a great solution to this and eventually started stringing fishing line from the trunk of the tree to the ceiling to keep it from collapsing! LOl 

We would decorate our tree listening to Christmas tunes and til this day I can still remember the peaceful feeling I had sitting in our family room next to the wood burner looking at the Christmas tree!  

 A yearly shopping trip with grandma also became a yearly tradition.  We would pick a Saturday and head out to the mall and literally shop ALL DAY!  As we got older, we would pick out our own Christmas presents as they were often clothes and then grandma would take them home and wrap them!  We would always have lunch, often at the Olive Garden and I would have a giant piece of New York cheesecake!!!  

Another tradition we had was when my Aunt and cousins would come to town a few days before Christmas.  We would always have a family lunch date at a tea room restaurant that I also happened to work in and then finish up last minute shopping. 

There are times I literally wish I could go back in time and experience the feelings as a child and teenager as we took part in these traditions.  I know I can't do this, so, I try to relive these same traditions with my own little family now.  We get a real tree every year and when we have even discussed possibly getting an artificial tree to save money and time our kids have a coronary!!  This has already become a tradition they cherish and I will not take it away from them.  

We also go to the Chicago area every year to celebrate Christmas with my family and this too has become a tradition they treasure.  There have been years it looked as if we would not be able to go and the kids were devastated as they look forward to this time with their cousins every year.  

Our family traditions become a part of who we are and very often we get the precious gift of passing these traditions down to our children.  And if we are really blessed we will get to witness them carrying on these traditions with their own families. 

What are your family traditions?  Do you have any that you treasure from your childhood?  If not, what are some traditions you would love to start with your family?  

Maybe start one this year!!  It is never too late!!!!  

Please share your traditions if you are willing!!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 



12/27/2016 11:57pm

Celebrating Thanksgiving with our family is sure one of the most memorable day we have in a year. Everybody is busy decorating the house. And some are busy cooking good food for everyone. And yes, great desserts! Oh, how I missed my grandma's strawberry cheesecake. Oh, and this year I have them a gift. I am planning to surprise them. I'm so excited, they're going to love these presents I have for them. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

01/29/2017 6:50am

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02/03/2017 1:03am

Every family is unique. Having family traditions is so cute. You feel like your family is an extraordinary. I really love my family. I really enjoy our moments together.

02/07/2017 7:06am

Family traditions define who we are. Traditions that we are doing are a big part of our life. It is a thing that are passes through different generations. It is also a basis on defining how your family molds you. I am really glad that we still have family traditions doing regularly. I am happy that I have something to pass on to my future own family.


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