There are times that I sit at my computer, asking God what I am to type as my heart has not a clue.  There are times I find myself questioning my posts, wanting validation from God that was the message He wanted to use me to deliver.  

Not today.  Today, I am more certain than ever, this is the message God has given me to share.  I hear it in my mind but more importantly, I feel it in my heart and depths of my soul.  

I have vowed to be authentic, and authentic I am.  While my life is full of blessings and wonderful moments, I am also real about the moments that don't quite fit into the wonderful category. 

God allows pain, struggle, exhaustion and suffering all as a means to His end.  I have become keenly aware of this over the last few years and for me personally, hiding behind my dark moments only makes them darker to me.  By sharing my struggles and challenges I feel a load has been lifted and I have allowed light to shine on that which Satan would love for me to keep in the dark.  

I totally understand how some people are more introverted and private and that is A Okay!  I kind of wear my heart on my sleeve and have learned how sharing my own stories of trial and tribulation often has helped in delivering others from theirs.  

When I first gave my life to Christ, one of the first things that I did was study women.  I wanted to know what God expected from me and I desired to know my purpose in His big plan.  

A scripture I was drawn to was Titus 2:3-6 we learn God has called women to be reverent in the way that they live. teaching what is good, so they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self controlled and pure, to be busy at home, kind and subject to their husbands as not to malign the word of God.  This is loosely paraphrased, but that is jist of it. 

What I loved about this scripture, is still what I love about it today; women need other women.  It is right here in God's word.  He knew how much younger women, new to being a wife and mother, would need to support and encouragement from an older, wiser woman, who has been there, done that.  

God knew that on those lonely, exhausting nights, you are pacing the floor with a colicky baby, you would need to advice and compassion of a seasoned mother.  You would dote on her assurance that this too shall pass, knowing she survived it, so can you.  

God knew on that day, when your heart was crushed beyond your capability to stand and you had lost all hope that your marriage could survive, you would need that woman who had walked through the fires of hell in her marriage and came out the other end more beautiful and stronger that she was before.  You would need to see that redemption can win and you would need to see it coming from someone who could understand every tear that ran down your face.  

Titus 2 is not just about older women instructing and teaching younger women it is more about supporting them, loving them and encouraging them through the storms of life that are bound to come.  
I need other women.  I need other Mamas.  They get me.  They understand me.  They feel my pain, my frustration, my exhaustion.  They can look into my eyes and remember when they experienced that same weariness in their soul and want nothing more than to take it form me, knowing full well how much it hurts.  

This... is why I share my stories.  This... is why I make a great effort in being authentic and real.  This... is why I am honest about my struggles and challenges.  

Mama... that lost it with her children yesterday... I need you.

Mama... that was so angry at her husband that she was ready to walk out the door and never come back... I need you. 

Mama.... that spent 30 minutes crying in the bathroom out of pure exhaustion... I need you. 

Mama.... who is struggling to find the joy as a wife and mama... I need you. 

Mama.... that is ready to fall apart trying to handle and balance it all... I need you.

Mama.... that has lived in the dark pit of anxiety and depression.... I need you. 

Mama.... that lost her cool at the grocery store because your child throwing a tantrum was the straw that broke the camel's back that day... I need you.  

I need you and ALL your imperfection.  I need to hear your story.  I need to hear that life is not always a walk in a beautiful meadow but it can be stinking hard and some days you lose it.  Some days you cry.  And some days... you want to be anyone else but you.  

It is not the falls and the failures that define us... it is the strength and grace we project as we get back up and keep going!!  

Mama's we need each other and we need the real, authentic, messy you.  The only way to teach another person how to triumph over adversity is to lead them down the road, we know is right because we once walked it ourselves!

I have the utmost respect and love for you Mamas.  Your job is hard, let us not let is harden our hearts!!! 

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


02/24/2017 4:09am

That is really beautiful blog, read it throughly and didn't find single this which I won't agree. Thanks for sharing such beautiful post with us

02/24/2017 11:58pm

I really agree with your sentiments. Mothers are one of the most hardworking people in the world. They sacrifice a lot for the sake of their family. They have no qualms about their work, because they do it out of love, as God has towards us. We should dedicate our love to all the Mom's out there who has made our loves better from the start.


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