I have a very busy toddler!  She is a mixed bag as I am able to keep her occupied, but I need to have plenty of tricks to pull out of my hat.  I am always on the lookout for activities to keep her busy, especially during school time.  I often scope out Goodwills and second hand stores because she gets tired of things so quickly, I don't feel bad passing them on when she loses interest this way.  Here is a list of some of her favorite activities!!!  
This is a cheap and easy activity!  I bought the buttons, the elastic and little basket at The Dollar Tree all for $1 a piece.  A total of $3 and it keeps her pretty entertained!!!  
I found this cute little Teddy Bear puzzle at a Goodwill for $1.99.  You can dress the bear in different outfits right on the lid of the box!  Audree loves it and it was cheap and easy to store away!!!
Little workbooks are always a hit!  I think this is because she watches her older sisters and she wants to be like them during school!  A lot of times, she just scribbles but every now and then she does some tracing and picture finding!  I know it is advancing her learning even if it doesn't appear to be!
I bought these little learning popsicles on Amazon for Audree's birthday!  They are meant for letter recognition, however, she LOVES to play with them in her play kitchen.  I think it's great because she is playing make believe with them and receiving letter recognition at the same time.  It is also a fun matching game!!
This was another awesome Goodwill find!!  This is a Melissa and Dough letter puzzle that retails for about $15.00 brand new!  I got it for $1.99 and it is in excellent condition!!!  She loves it and when she gets tired of it, I can simply pass it along to someone else or put it in the church Kid's room!  
This is another Melissa and Doug game I bought YEARS ago when Camden was Audree's age!  So it has been around for about 13 years!!  I am not sure if they still have them, but all of my kids have loved this!  You place a picture mat on top of the wooden peg board and match the right color pegs to the picture!  You can also flip the card over and it is blank, so they can use their imagination!  I believe I only paid around $15 for this one as well!
Lastly, little workbooks are cheap and always a hit around here!  This one helps them learn to trace and cut and it is totally fine to let them scribble when you only paid $1 for it!  Audree things this is her "school book!"  

I pray this gives your toddler some fun and you a few moments of peace!!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


04/03/2017 4:12am

Toddlers are so cute. My baby sister doesn't like repetition in her bedtime stories, so when I run out of children's books, I would read books from my shelf, which is mostly Percy Jackson books. I sometimes buy her second-hand books and sell her old ones. They can sometimes be a pain, but I can't help but succumb to their wishes. Toddlers are adorable little devils.


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