I am being a multitasking reader right now and am currently reading two different books!!  

It really works out well because they kind of coincide.  I am finishing up my Understanding Purpose, Women of Faith study, which has been extremely enlightening; and am also reading Desperate, For the Mother Who Needs to Breath.  This book is written by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson and is simply wonderful!

I wandered into the Christian book store in kind of a stooper one day, searching for a book to feed my mothering soul.  I know I am not the only mama who has been there.  I looked around and though many of the books looked awesome, this book kind of jumped off the shelf into my hands, yelling,,, READ ME!  I had read another book by Sally Clarkson many years ago, called The Ministry of Motherhood and loved it.  I was pretty sure I would love this one too!

I highly suggest this book for any mama who feels she is trudging through the trenches OR even if you just want some inspiration.  It is a soul touching book that really helps you understand I have learned thus far.  

The younger mom, Sarah, was reaching out to the older mom, Sally.  Sarah was asking Sally how to deal with the frustrations of her children "just not getting it."  She was feeling overwhelmed at the constant lessons she feels she is teaching her children and they simply aren't getting or not caring.  

You know those lessons well.... cleaning their room, picking up their toys, putting their dishes in the dishwasher, putting their dirty clothes IN the laundry basket, talking respectively, not rolling their eyes!!  You get it!!  

Sarah shared she was feeling defeated as she felt she spent most days nagging and feeling frustrated with her children's behaviors.

The answer Sally gave Sarah was both convicting and eye opening.  Sally told Sarah that when she was going through a similar season with her four children, whom are now all adults, she will never forget what her husband said to her.  

She was worn out and complaining about her children's behaviors and lack of diligence and was asking her husband the same question Sarah was asking Sally..... "when will they ever just get it and do what I ask?" And this was her husband's response....

"Sally they will quit being sinners, when you quit being a sinner."


And the light turns on!
The short explanation.... I will never, ever quit being a sinner.  Never.  I can diligently seek God I can decrease my sin and repent for the sins I do commit, I can fall as the feet of Christ and seek and accept His help and forgiveness but I will never, ever stop sinning.  That was the consequence of the fall of man. 

Therefore, neither will my children.  

What do I want more than anything from God when I sin; and what does He lovingly give me every time I sin and repent?

Grace.  Grace abundant.  Grace I do NOT deserve.  

Are there consequences to my sin?  Often, yes.  Does God use my sin to teach my valuable lessons?  Absolutely.  Does God's grace and forgiveness give me permission to keep sinning?  Absolutely NOT.  

BUT... God sees my heart.  He knows what He created me to do and He knows I am capable of all things He has called me to, but I will never accomplish them with a completely sinless life. 

Jesus remains and will remain the ONLY sinless man that walked this earth. 

Though I need to expect obedience from my children and train them accordingly, they will continuously struggle at times, because they too, like me, are sinners.  While training them and teaching them, I also need to show them grace and love, just as I so greatly need from my Heavenly Father.  

I cannot place them in a life of condemnation.  That is counterproductive and will not reap the harvest God longs for us to reap with our children.  

My Poppy had it right.  He always taught me...
"Missy.... people need the most love when they deserve it the least."  Though this is often very hard to live out, my Poppy lived it out amazingly!  I pray that though I may stumble, I learn to do the same.  

I pray this for you as well my friends!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 



03/24/2017 1:17pm

Kids need to proper care and time for better future of the kids. Parents should spend the time with kids because it is need of them. If we give the proper time of kids then they can carry best attitude.

04/06/2017 9:28am

Trying to control your children is not an easy task. You shouldn't even control them in the first place. Remember to be patient at all cost. If patience and understanding won't work, then you have to be rough in disciplining them. Train them to know what's good and bad, and at the same time teach them how to behave properly.


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